One Custom Marquee at Dynasty Typewriter

One Custom Marquee at Dynasty Typewriter

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Thank you so much to Dynasty Typewriter for the generous donation and support! Donate today and you can add your very own custom marquee at Dynasty Typewriter! 

You’ve got things to say, people to propose to, and pronouncements to make. Baby announcements? Divorces finalized? A hot GRAD to celebrate?  We’ve got a flarpin’ gorgeous historic marquee on Wilshire flarpin’ boulevard, a buncha letters, and an industrial ladder. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Expert Marqsman — $150 

• Your message on our historic marquee for 24 hours
• A digital photo of your marquee
• A picture of your marquee in a livestream pre-show! 
• The knowledge that someone climbed a dangerous ladder to place words you chose 
• Ultra-mini doc of the making-of your marquee. IN BLACK AND WHITE WITH FILM GRAIN.

Please Note — Our Custom Marquee program is for personal messages
— For advertsing please feel free to contact us here