Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela w/ Josh Hey -  No Otro Lado (LP)

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela w/ Josh Hey - No Otro Lado (LP)

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Thank you Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela! Includes zine + bandana!

No Otro Lado is a record by Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela with point production and incalculable expertise and patience from producer Josh Hey. 

No Otro Lado posits that the United States and Mexico are essentially one country with a so-called border that is used as justification for a caste system; as justification for oppression. 

No Otro Lado is a "conceptual reggaeton" album that exists at an intersection of hip hop, poetry, Latin music more generally, and politics.


released November 17, 2018 

side a 

1. The Opposite of a Wall 
2. Philly Kitchens feat. Kicio 
3. Herencia 
4. Know You Know 
5. Recognize 
6. Puño de Amor 

side b 

7. Victoria feat. Mayate del Sur 
8. Para Todos Todo feat. Dirty Corolla 
9. Justicia 
10. Other Riches 
11. Tambores de Orgullo 
12. Viva la Vida 
13. Dancing Despite 

No Otro Lado features Dan Nosheny on tuba, Patrick Rosal on congas, and Vince Klopfenstein on drums 

cover: "Near Nogales Maximally Stable Extremal Regions; Good Features to Track, 2017" detail of the original by Trevor Paglen. This is a photograph of the U.S.-Mexico Border, as seen through some of the computer vision algorithms that continually monitor the border for movements and any changes in the landscape from one moment to another. 

back cover: “Untitled, 2018” by Raquel Gutiérrez. This is a photograph from the U.S.-Mexico border of prototype walls commissioned by the United States. 

cover design: Aay Preston-Myint