VHS02 Vitamin Wig C - BD&D Antiques

VHS02 Vitamin Wig C - BD&D Antiques

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Thank you Vitamin Wig C/Robbie Hansen for this one-of-a-kind VHS!

VHS Records presents BD&D Antiques: Select Episodes I - V. 
w/ bonus and select music videos by Vitamin Wig C. 
1. BD&D Antiques I 8:15
2. BD&D Antiques II 6:05
3. BD&D Antiques interlude 2:32 

4. BD&D Antiques IV 9:14

5. BD&D Antiques V: Time Orator 6:32

6. Vitamin Wig C - Perfumed Signatures 3:06

7. Vitamin Wig C - Why Does An Angel Get Old 2:29

8. Movie Theater Parking Lot 0:04

9. Vitamin Wig C - Louie Louie 2:38

10. Vitamin Wig C - Candle ball 2:28
BD&D Antiques series:
Robbie Hansen was born in 1984, Mission Viejo, CA. He is a multimedia artist, writer and musician currently residing in Sunland, CA. Hansen has featured experimental music & video on BBC radio, Dublab.com, Machine Projects and Experimental Half Hour. And now select episodes from the BD&D Antiques series on VHS Records..  
Hansen’s video work is a non-linear, dealing in themes of alienation and abuse to comedy and suspense. Notably, the BD&D Antique series, created in Van Nuys, California. Utilizing just garden fixtures as fixation points for his camera to travel to and from, Hansen creates a unique sensation of suspense and narrative play, unfolding over a series of slow zoom-ins, low angles and smooth edits capable of putting one in a trance, only to be broken by a garden sculpture covered in luminescent hieroglyphs popping out from behind a bush, or any other numerous “surprise moments” throughout the video series. My favorite is BD&D Antiques IV. . (See, BD&D IV). 
“Much of my work is from the POV of an imaginary perpetrator / spirit, that dwells inside sculptures or garden fixtures and “comes to life” by projecting  illuminated shapes, or alien code.”